Saturday, December 31, 2011


when a door is closed, a new one opens.

So, it's the last day of the year. It's a cliche, but that is how time flies.  Fast!. tomorrow I unofficially will be 22. Yet to be confirmed 22 on my birthday. Some people label it as 3-years to a Quarter-Life. I can say that I have been through a wealth of experience, ranging from one extreme to another (good and bad), to make who I am today. I believe the things  that define us are the things that we love to do. For me it is always about  writing and making new friends. As for my passion for writing, it has brought this so called ' Bits of Bytes' to gain relatively wide readership, especially thinking that my blog is not that sensational with the latest gossips or gadgets. It's just about my life. I am thankful that people read the things I wanted to share. 

Internship wise, I am thankful that until now I have learnt so many new things in term of Oil and Gas Operation though my background is not aligned well with the department that I am attached to. It is indeed a blessing,because I know surely there is something payable will be waiting for me in the future. Plus, I am near to half-way through, it's already 3 months passed and I hope I will keep the pace up and ace my internship :) If I can make it through this term, I believe I have equipped myself be more ready than ever to face the future challenges of my career.

To mark the end of this year as well, there are two babies of my sisters, a niece Nurul Najwa Liyana Bt Muhaizan and a nephew Muhd Azim B Azizul to be welcomed on board :) and to add more, my adorable younger sister, Nuranis Ainma got 9As for her PMR. She brings a proud to my family especially for my mom and dad. Their investment really paid off.

However, not everything goes perfectly well this year. In the middle of year, one of my teacher had passed away due to cervical cancer. Reaching to the end of 2011, I had been receiving 3 bad news for three weeks consecutively. My beloved senior, Muhd Syahrul  Yusof who was my senior in my high school passed away due to the accident, followed by my UTP clique, Mohamad Saufi Sulaiman who was also got involve in accident and he was in comma and alhamdulillah now he is improving though very slow, and lastly again one of my senior has been called back to meet Allah due to leukemia. Hopefully, we will be meeting again in Jannah. Insha Allah.

All in all, 2011 will be a year I will always remember. Goodbye 2011, you have been a great teacher. Welcome 2012, whatever you may bring, I am ready!


Assalamualaikum wbt :)

Great courage comes not from feeling great while everything goes well. The greatest courage comes when you feel great despite constantly being tested or running through a complicated situation. What is courage if we do nothing much to test it? It is the ability to cultivate a mind that stays calm in the middle of the storm which is much coveted by those who wish to become great. while so many things are running through the mind, many imagined the worst thing that could happen. However, have you noticed that most of the things that you worry about in the past didn't actually happen? Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere. All worry does is elicit unpleasant emotions and hinders you from truly enjoying the present moment. The future is uncertain, so live in the present, live the moment as it occurs to you. Take control of your worry and feelings, because if you don't, it is possible to go sightseeing in Paris and still be depressed. Take control and you might feel happy just walking through your home garden.

I am not suggesting you to ignore all the troubles that might be looming in the future. I am just asking you not to ruminate about it again and again in your conscious mind. Put it in the back of your mind and solve it when the time comes. I don't have much experience in cooking, but i know that there is such term as 'slow-cooking' using the oven. I have observed chefs in cooking shows put some of their stuff in the oven, let it slow cook and sort of forget about it for a while until the time where the timer comes off. While waiting, the chef would tend to other things that needs present attention like cutting and frying. Uncertain problems that might occur in the future, instead of being tended to as in frying, should be let in the oven to 'slow-cook', while the current things in the present should be attended with your attention. It is not ignoring, it is putting in the back of your mind and live your daily life paying attention to the present. If it helps, put it on a note to remind you, and let it be. You are not procrastinating but letting time find solutions to your problems. You will be surprised that as you live your day, solutions will come from the most unexpected sources. The great thing about putting it in the back of your mind or your 'oven' is that the problems or issues will slow cook and by the time you get it out, it is cooked, or you might already have the solution to the problems.

Weird analogy, indeed I know. Especially from a person like me who doesn't cook. But that's what got into my mind as I watched cooking channels. So, cook all your worries, and live your life in the present!

Friday, December 16, 2011



It's not too long already that we will be leaving 2011. We soon will be saying Good Bye to 2011 and welcoming warmly 2012. Semoga sempat bertemu dengan tahun baru masihi insyaallah. Selalunya kita di awal tahun mesti pasang azam baru kan? Prior to enter the new year, let's revise back for what we have done all this year. For a year to come and go sekarang taklah selambat dulu saya kira. As we grow older, we get busy with life dak? Kalau sesiapa yang bekerja I guess you will have a better understanding of this what we call as Time Constraint. You masuk kerja pagi and paling awal balik mesti petang, or if there is something asking for you to stay back, malam lah jawabnya sampai rumah. All day long itu sahaja kerja. Dengan kerja yang bertimbun-timbun, masa 24 jam tu rasa seperti tak cukup. With the workloads, kita tak perasan pun masa berlalu begitu cepat. How time flies so fast. Year by year we pass through and we are getting older. Dulu muka terik sekarang dah ada kedut2, dulu rambut hitam sekarang ada uban. Let it happens naturally guys. Don't afraid of losing your beauty guys as the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Kadang2 makin tua makin cantik orang kata :P

What most important for us to take note is that persediaan menghadapi mati. Harta dunia perlu dicari tapi mengingati mati juga is one thing bro because itu sesuatu benda ynag pasti terjadi. So, let's muhasabah diri masing2 kita selagi masih diberi kesempatan ini :)
For what we know that time and tide wait for no men.
Jangan kita menyesal di kemudian hari sudah :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011



There are certain things in our lives that can never be interpreted with the senses that we have. Ada, betul ada. Kadang-kadang bila difikirkan menyebabkan rasa kepala pusing. I one had a conversation with my friend not too long ago. Talking about engineering projects and talking about life as well. Sort of. I had been asked by him sepanjang saya hidup ni, ada tak benda yang terlalu sukar untuk saya explainkan. Something hard for you to express and even harder to tell the people. So, I personally said ada lah kut but I forgot what was the thing. So, I asked him back what was yours? Dia bagitahu yang dia selalu fikir bagaimana kita yang celik mata ni nak terangkan sesuatu yang memang tak dapat kita nak beri gambaran lansung dekat mereka yang cacat penglihatan. Contoh, macam mana kita nak bagitahu mereka yang darah tu warna merah? dan merah tu macam mana? I was like I had never go that far tapi it's something fruitful for me to realize that if it was for real, how would you explain to them which is clearly for you to know that it is unexplained by words.

It is for us to believe that there are certain things yang kita tak boleh ask for more and something that we cannot question I guess. It's beyond our prediction. The Supreme Power knows better and what is the best untuk hambanya. Tapi just to tell you kalau in that case, we have no answer for that question.
Mereka mungkin kurang pancaindera tapi I know diorang lagi celik hati daripada kita yang celik mata ni. 
To cut short, appreciate your eyes and bersyukurlah denagn nikmat mata yang ada ni.
Tak gitu? 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



For us to believe it or not. Hidup kita dekat sini hanyalah untuk beberapa ketika sahaja. Mencapai takat umur 100 tahun tu adalah sangat jarang walaupun hakikatnya ada tetapi  ingin mecapai ke tahap 200 tahun, I don't think so we couldn't really make it. Dan itu mengikut adatlah, tetapi we just have to bear in mind as well yang mati tu juga langsung tak mengikut umur.Langsung. Definitely. Berapa pun umur kita, we are no guaranteed that we can continue living for the next seconds, minutes, hours, days and so on. Kadang2 terfikir berapa lama kita dipinjamkan Allah nafas untuk hidup. I myself had one read a status of FB, a friend of mine. 
He says
Today I attended like a Video Conference for PETRONAS tapi untuk Carigali sahaja. FYI, PETRONAS ada banyak sections atau OPU orang panggil macam PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB), PETRONAS Penapisan, PETRONAS Gas (PGB) and banyak lagi. It's quite awesome for me as the newbie and the event was happening at KLCC somehow all the PETRONAS Carigali's section from Sudan, Vietnam Operation, Myanmar Operation, Indonesia, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Peninsular Malaysia Operation (PMO) - my section, Sarawak Operation (SKO), Sabah Operation (SBO)  together concentrating on the event via screen and we're communicating.  It's the technology btw :) 

But what really profoundness to me is the sharing session with one of The Bekok-Charlie Platform Fire Incident which took place Oct last year, En Arif. He is different now physically and he is an engineer. Due to the incident, the chance to keep alive for him at first is only 30% and once being direct attacked by fire, the only thing he mentioned was ALLAH and kept repeating on it. Encik Arif selepas disambar api sempat berpesan dekat bestfriend dia di offshore yang dia sayangkan family dia. Just so you know that, he has prepared for the worst thing to happen to him. And ALHAMDULILLAH, Allah grants him a second chance for which not all of us may have it. Tapi semasa sharing session tu, everyone is listening to him very well bro. Sebab it's a matter of hidup dan mati kan and this tragedy is world-widely gained attraction.

Tapi bagaimana, kalau untuk kita mungkin tiada peluang kedua?
Pause and ponder my friend.
So, if let say you have something good to do. Don't ever delay it and just do it. Benda baik jangan difikir banyak kali,sebab? Perhaps the 'NEXT TIME' is not applicable to us anymore. I'm afraid that there is no 'Next Time' or 'Nantilah!' lagi. Mana tahu kan? 
For what we know, the second chance is not available to each of us.
 Selagi berkesempatan untuk do something good, DO IT BRO :)

P/S: Today also I went for Health Screening and what comes to my surprise, my Blood Glucose is HIGH. takdek nombor as I go beyond 13 and it's quite shocking though. Tiba2 teringatkan kata2 Akak Catriona Ross masa ceramah minggu lepas 'DOKTOR BUKAN TUHAN'. hehe, living in denial? tapi itu bagus sebagai wake-up call I guess. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011



Sepatutnya begitulah resam hidup yang betul. And I myself hoping for me to be that way as well. Kadang2 terfikir jugak kita, dah besar macam ni tapi peningkatan dari segi apa pun tak berapa nak improve. Masih di takuk tu jugak. Runsing tahu. Pernah saya tengok kawan saya share some nice quotes mengingatkan kita tentang agama, tentang benda2 baik dekat FB, adalah si polan ni cakap dekat FB ni ramai yang nak jadi alim2 FB (--"
Astaghfirullah. Kenapa boleh sampai ke situ? It's a way far better than dari orang yang duk menunjukkan benda yang x elok dekat FB kan? Bukan begitu? Hehe.

 An optimist says the glass is half full, a pessimist says the glass is half empty. 
It's the way you see it.
Kadang2 kita nak remindkan benda yang terang2 salah pun masalah tahu. Cakap sempurnakan diri dulu baru betulkan orang lain. Agreed. Tapi kalau begitu berapa ramai yang mampu? sedangkan kita manusia tak sepi dari kesalahan. Almost everyday we do something wrong, either you realise it or not. For me, tak perlu tunggu you betul2 perfect baru boleh tegur2. Sedangkan pada saya you remindkan orang at the same time you remindkan yourself as well. Perhaps today you remind people on this matters, then perhaps the other persons remind you as well about the things that you've overlooked. Begitu lebih manis bukan?
Bukannya bila buat status baik2 dekat FB, mula nak bagi title yang bukan2 lah. 
Daripada share gambar2 pelik dan status yang bukan2, lebih baik share benda yang berfaedah. For at least you gunakan FB yang kira feveret orang zaman sekarang ni kepada benda elok, orang bace orang amal, orang bace orang tersedar dan insaf. You dah laburkan saham baik you untuk akhirat. 

Friday, December 9, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sebagai anak kelantan sejati, frankly speaking sometimes saya agak tersentuh dengan kata-kata banyak orang tentang negeri saya. Saya mengaku yang orang kelantan semangat kenegerian menebal dia is undeniable. Most of them tapi ada orang kelantan segelintir macam saya ni, I am a universal people, mingle around with other people. Perlu anda2 semua faham yang Kelantan dialeknya tu kan amatlah lain as compared to other states in Malaysia melainkan Sarawak. Kalau yang belah utara tu at least you can say you will understand their conversation well. So, communication barrier is one co-factor yang menyebabkan diorang duk circulate among diorang. Lagi satu, the feeling of brotherhood tu kami boleh rasa tahu. Kalau merantau ke KL, when you meet the Kelantanese you find your support system la lebih kurang. Macam Malaysia kalau ke oversea jumpa Malaysia di tanah asing, rasa macam mana? Saya tak tahu salah sape and I don't wanna put any blame to anyone. Sape yang makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedas. 

Pernah saya dengar orang cakap, kalau nak berkawan dengan orang kelantan ni kena berhati-hati sikit sebab depa ni kalau jumpa gang, diorang angkat puak or assabiah. Most probably it is true, tapi perlu ke beri warning macam tu? Saya tanya and saya nak tahu? Kenapa dengan itu?. Ada sorang makcik ni x allow anak buah dia kahwin dengan orang kelantan sebab katanya rumah orang kelantan ni kotor, perempuan dia bau kepam. You visited Kelantan like for 8 years back and you nak cakap bukan2 like you go to every house in Kelantan and check kebersihan? saya boleh kata yang makcik dah keterlaluan kalau boleh kata macam tu. Ada jugak yang cakap, nampak perempuan tu dah cantik habis lah, tup tup bila dengar dia cakap kelantan terus tak boleh terima. Reason? What's so wrong being a Kelantanese? Hahha rasa macam banyak orang gembar-gemburkan benda yang tak betul tahu? Kadang-kadang tak tahu nak explain macam mana.

Lepas tu, baru-baru ni kan keluar dekat paper Berita Harian yang masa duk sibuk2 ulas pasal Indonesia kalah dengan Malaysia dalam Sukan SEA yang mengatakan MENTALITI rakyat Indonesia ni rendah sikit dari orang Kelantan tapi yang samanya sebab dua2 assabiah. Kiranya dalam Malaysia ini, orang kelantan lah paling rendah mentaliti dia. Paling x bertamadun, x membangun sebab takdek wayang semua2 tu kan, xdek entertainment mana kan? Mall pun boleh bilang dengan jari je kan? # I would say I thank God for not having those things in Kelantan. Lepas tu, keluar pulak paper pasal air bersih di Kelantan ni paling x bersih. Kira kami ni minum air kotor. 

Kenapa baru sekarang nak dedahkan bila PRU nak dekat? Kalau dah sayangkan nyawa orang Kelantan dari dulu lagi perlu buatkan? bukan sekarang kan? PRU nak dekat semua keburukan nak bukak betul? Tapi masalahnya I see a statement saying that ada je negeri lain yang teruk tapi ye lah politik kan, nak jugak hentam.Tell me if I am wrong. Lepas tu keluar lagi pasal Kes Hudud PAS yang tengah dibual-bualkan dekat internet. Kelantan lagi kena. Hudud tu bukan Kelantan la yang buat my brother. Itu hukum Allah. Please differentiate sikit. Anda kutuk Kelantan itu satu hal. Anda tolak hukum Allah itu pun satu hal. Bijak ke kita?  MEMPOLITIKKAN AGAMA. You take for granted pasal agama. Asal parti you menang, semua benda jalan. Menghalalkan benda yang haram. Saya bukan lah orang yang alim sangat nak nasihat orang, saya sendiri tak betul tapi hukum Allah mana lagi x betul dia? Bagitahu. 

Kutuklah Kelantan dan apa2 yang anda suka, buatlah. Kecewa tahu bila kita orang Malaysia orang duk kutuk2 rajyat sendiri. I AM NOT SAYING TO ALL OF YOU, INI KEPADA MEREKA YANG FANATIK POLITIK DAN YANG MENTALITI BAWAH TAPAK KASUT. Saya honestly boleh cakap sekarang rasa bagai anak tiri. And just to confess, saya memang menghormati Tok Guru even Sultan Kelantan pun meraikan Tok Guru. Saya bukan fanatik Tok Guru, sebab saya sebenarnya pro-kerajaan walaupun saya x suka gaya pemerintahan Najib dan Rosmah. Saya confuse sebenarnya tahu nak sokong sapa until to a certain degree I would like to be a Neutralist. Saya menyokong kerajaan sebab Tun Mahathir dulu as if he is the one yang saya nampak as a prominent leader. Tapi as of now, I totally go for PAS. Sebab saya nak menyokong Islam yang betul. Saya percaya dua2 ada pincang dia but to my concern let me choose to be orang yang sokong akhirat dan orang Kelantan yang dihina. Anda perlu tahu benda ni kalau ada depan mata anda takkan hargai dia seperti bila dia dah takde depan mata anda. 

P/S : Ini bukan Blog Politik. Just to share my feeling of what's happening around us now. People are willing to do anything, hentam sana-sini, gadai agama sebab nak confirm menang  pilihan raya. Sekarang ni tengok la musim menabur janji and semua benda nak tunjuk baik, Betul?  YANG PASTI KITA MATI BESOK, PAS UMNO DAP PKR APA2 LAGI LAH TAKDEK NILAI MELAINKAN SAPA YANG MELUNASKAN TANGGUNGJAWAB KE JALAN ALLAH ITU YANG AKAN DIAMBIL KIRA. MENJADI PEMIMPIN INI BERAT TAHU TANGGUNGJAWAB DIA AS IF SEBELAH KAKI YOU DAH BERADA DI NERAKA, DAN SEBELAH LAGI SYURGA. YOU CHOOSE.

Sunday, December 4, 2011



(1989-2011) - 041211

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِي
الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ
الرَّحْمـنِ الرَّحِيمِ
مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ
إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ
اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ
صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّينَ



Saturday, December 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt

In the name of Allah
setiap yang hidup itu pastinya akan menemui dan merasai mati.
Kullu nafsin dza iqotul maut. 
Tanggungjawab kita yang hidup adalah untuk mendoakan mereka yang lebih awal pergi menemui Ilahi. So, I pledge to you my fellow readers, let us take not even 5 minutes to recite Al-Fatihah to the late Rara Zikry.

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِي
الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ
الرَّحْمـنِ الرَّحِيمِ
مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ
إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ
اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ
صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّينَ

# you may search yourselves about her past story and pictures. I can't post her pictures over here due to some reasons.


Assalamualaikum semua. 
Hoping the best for you guys to be in a pink of health.

Perkataan yokoso tu aku first time dengar waktu form 4. Sebab kawan aku dia ambil subjek jepun untuk bahasa asing, jadi dia ada dapat macam lebih kurang souvenir lah kut dari sensei diorang. Aku ambik arab (#sebab ibu ngan ayah suruh heheh walaupun aku nak ambik jepun).
those who don't know YOKOSO, please use Google Translate. #Thanks to Google for making life easier.

Sedikit pasal Jepun:-

Jepun atau dalam bahasa Jepunnya: 日本 (Nippon@Nihon) merupakan sebuah negara kepulauan di Asia Timur lah. It's located at south of Pacific Ocean, east of Japan Sea and her neighbours are Republic of China, Korea and Russia.

Jepun ni sebenarnye terdiri daripada jumlah pulau2 which in total are 6852 yang membentuk gugusan kepulauan. The main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu (the biggest one), Shikoku and lastly Kyushu. Dalam lebih kurang 97% wilayah daratan Jepun ni berada dekat ke-empat2 pulau ni lah :) Just so you know that the highest mountain in Japan is the Fujiyama which is actually an inactive volcano. In total, it is estimated that her citizens are 128 million which indirectly make the Japan becoming the 10th country in the world that has the most citizen in a country. TOKYO is like everyone has known already is the capital of Japan which holds the status of Metropolitan City. Dia juga ada satu term dipanggil sebagai Tokyo Raya which include the Tokyo and the other satellite cities surrounding tokyo which are occupied by 30 million people :)

Sebenarnya banyak lagi nak share tapi kan kalau banyak sangat tak best pulak orang nak bace. So, will be meeting you soon in the next entry perhaps kalau rajin hehe.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Salam and Hi everyone :)

this week has been quite busy, quite a bit-lah :)
so for this entry i would like to talk about the what so-called PERFECTNESS. Okay, kita hidup ni pelbagai rencah dan asam garam manusia kita jumpa. Some are goods to be remembered and some are just giving us the moral lessons for us not to repeat the mistakes that we have done. Life is a continuos-learning process. KESEMPURNAAN. we have been hearing so many times people keep on saying, NOBODY IS PERFECT. Agreed. saya setuju dengan kenyataan tu. Kenapa?. For me in this real life you won't find any people with the perfectness. It's just that I believe we can approach to be to a state of nearly to perfectness. This is just my opinion regarding this issue. You readers might have a contrast idea with me. Aku dapat idea entri ni bila aku rewind balik yang aku kadang2 mencari benda tu sehinggalah pagi tadi waktu tengah basuh pinggan mangkuk, aku ter-muhasabah diri sorang2 dekat sinki. Aku fikir-fikir balik i was like sometimes ada benda kita ni kena redha and ada benda kita kena belajar menerima. Baru hati tu rasa macam tenang. Sekadar bercakap itu, semua orang boleh. Harga air liur jarang nak laku melainkan politician yang tengah sibuk sekarang ni kan duk ber-pum pam pum pam mentang2 PRU x lama mana dah. I'm talking about me in the past okay. Jangan garu kepala tak paham apa benda aku duk mengarut tu.
Jadi, this is the time for me to stop looking for perfectness. what is the definition of perfectness for me?. Banyak. Dari segi pergaulan seharian, dari cara pembawaan diri aku sendiri dan beberapa individu penting dalam hidup aku. Selalu lah kan duk imagine nak isteri yang macam itu, macam ini padahal kita ini pun apa lah sangat. Ni bukan nak rendah kan diri sendiri, tapi nak sedarkan diri. You should have learnt what the word of GRATITUDE is really meant for you. 

to a certain people, they're craving for perfectness sampaikan kalau pasangan tu x meet taste dia, itu yang jadi meroyan tu.
So, why don't you try to be a tolerant person. Accept things for what they are. Kalau gaji seciput tu, usaha lebih lagi. Kalau dulu nak bini yang putih, tinggi, hidung macung tiba2 dapat yang totally berbeza pun terima seadanya, kalau berkawan pun gitu jugak. Bukan apa, kita ni kena tahu erti bersyukur dengan apa yang ada sebab ini juga melibatkan soal REZEKI. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011



Erm bola bulat ke? Bukan sfera ke? Yang mana2 lah. Tapi kalau ikut sceince wise, it's a sphere I guess. Hehe. Saje je nak update sikit selepas tengok bola dekat kedai siam tadi. Tak habis pun, I have to go back home early. Nak siapkan kerja sikit. Esok nak kerja hari ni baru nak buatkan. Budaya Last Minute. Nanti akan dibincangkan in next entry ngehehe. Honestly, bukan Melayu je ada adat last minute2 ni ye. Kawan aku dari Africa pun cakap kat sana pun sama. It's global and worldwide kut. Hehe.
Just a moral lesson that we got after the match between Bahrain and Malaysia just now. At first we're leading and a chance to win the game is about to become brighter tapi itulah untung nasib kita ni sape tahu? At last milik Bahrain. Just so you know that, selagi ada masa there's nothing you can expect to win as the chances for each team to lead tue ada lagi. Hoping to win is one thing, to strive for it is another thing. Tapi, in overall our Harimau Muda is good enough in South East Asia region ni and I am proud of all the players-lah. Salute-lah! Kita yang menonton ni sorak and komplen je reti. Yang dekat padang tuh berpeluh sakan lari tak henti2. Diorang punya penat kita mana tahu kan, but I know what they did is to their fullest already.
Tapi in conclusion, hidup ni macam bola lah. Kadang2 ko sepak stret nak masuk gol dah, tapi bola tu melencong ke arah lain. Heading kuat sikit pun kadang2 xleh. Erk, apa aku cakap ni. Tiba2 rasa loser pulak. =(



As per stated on the title above, as for now I am clueless on how to start writing for an entry. Kadang2 idea nak menulis tu datang macam tengah2 nak iron baju, basuh baju takpun away dari laptop. Ingat nak lah jugak jot down dekat mana-mana kan kut2 tak ingat macam sekarang ni. #Macam semangat ayam pulak kan. Ngehehe. Tapi aku gaya kalau buat benda nak kena habiskan satu2. Kalau gosok baju, gosok sampai habis. Kalau mandi, biar syampu, sabun, gosok gigi, shave semua terus baru puas hati. Kalau makan pun, habiskan satu2. I will run to one after another. Ngehehe.
So, like what i have said earlier kalau takde idea nak menulis, memang takde idea betullah. So, saya bukak bloglist saya and I just read other bloggers entries. Some sort of habit dah. Memang I could stay like forever reading nice entries, tak rasa puas pun :)
Tapi kalau ada kerja you better control it lah heheh, kalau tak memang rasa kejap je masa berlalu kalau dok bace entri orang lain ni.
OK, I think that would be enough for an 'empty' content of my entry tonight. 
Salam :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011



Thank God for keep me stay alive up until now. I have lots of thing need to be achieved, still have a lot more to show to my parents and my family. Raindrops keep on pouring outside. I'm just finished  having dinner with the other housemates. Simple dish yet very mouth-watering lauk for us as anak bujang :) Bersederhana sahaja kami.
Tomorrow is a holiday for me due to Maal Hijrah. 
Salam Maal Hijrah untuk anda semua orang ya.
Bercakap pasal Maal Hijrah, do we really know what is the significance of celebrating it? is it just a solely holiday in Malaysia? or is there is any reasons beyond that?
I believe most of you did understand what is the MAAL HIJRAH all about. Tapi I do also expect some of us outside there tak tahu pun apa itu MAAL HIJRAH. Hidup zaman sekarang ni semua benda macam ni sapa lah nak ambil kisah sangat kan? Tahunya Maal Hijrah = CUTI. Cukuplah. Believe it or not, yang KEMERDEKAAN NEGARA MALAYSIA pun kalau kira benda paling senang sangat kau nak ingat, 31 OGOS 1957. Kemerdekaan ni rasanya budak2 lagi tahu as compared to MAAL HIJRAH, tapi saya ada tengok dulu dekat TV, bila tanya pada tahun tu, Malaysia dah lepas dari kekangan penjajah sudah berapa lame pun tergagap-gagap and tak tahu nak jawab. # kalau terdesak sangat, buat le simple math calculation. Congak2 sekejap. At least itu tidak menghampakanlah sangat dari awak cakap eh tak tahu lah kali ke berapa eh? Speaking nak cair aje, takkan lah simple math pun fail-kan? itu kacang sahaja :P
 So, possible lah kan kalau saya kata MAAL HIJRAH ni pun for a certain people they just don't give a damn. 

Tiba sahaja 1 Muharram, kita akan diingatkan dengan peristiwa of our beloved prophet, Muhammad SAW telah pun membuat satu keputusan untuk melakukan penghijrahan dari Kota Mekah Al-Mukarramah ke Madinah Al-Munawwarah. Penghijrahan membawa kepada penyebaran syiar islam dan penyatuan antara Kaum Ansar dan Muhajirin. In the past, penghijrahan pada dasarnya nampak sebagai satu penghijrahan secara fizikal sahaja namun pada zaman kita ini, penghijrahan itu masih practicable tapi in different views of perspectives. 
Penghijrahan luar dan dalam. Mungkin for a certain people yang baik, ingin menjadi lebih baik. Kalau dulu berseluar pendek, sekarang nak tutup semua yang terbukak. Kalau dulu, suka cakap yang bukan-bukan, sekarang nak gunakan lidah ke arah sesuatu yang bermanfaat. Kalau dulu berat 120 kg, sekarang nak jadi separuh je, kalau dulu solat tu lebih kurang je, larat sembahyang lah, kalau malas x buatlah, sekarang nak cukup 5 tu and nak tambah lagi yang sunat2 tu. Macam-macam. Lain orang, lain dia punya penghijrahan. Janji for your betterment and insyaallah pasangkan niat untuk menjadi Muslim dan Mukmin sejati.
 Dua nikmat dunia yang takde tara bandingnye :- Nikmat Iman dan nikmat Islam. Takde dua ni hidup di dunia ni seperti useless. Macam tebu, dah habis yang manis tu, nanti dibuang macam tu je hampas dia kan? Manis sekajap saje lepas tu useless. You enjoy sekejap dekat dunia ni, then you are no use in hereafter depan ALLAH. Mahu? Nauzubillah.
So,  berdoalah kita untuk dikekalkan dua nikmat terbesar itu sampai mati sebab ada orang Allah tarik balik tahu? Pernah dengar Lina Joy, Hasnah ? and banyak ramai lagi. It's impossible tahu untuk Allah tarik balik nikmat2 ini. Selingan sekejap. But the content is, let us change to be a better person in life.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kalau Boleh, Jangan lah Naik Motor.


Korang reti naik motor? Almost semua orang tahu kan?. Aku honestly reti naik motor tapi bila on the highway or any trunk road, aku takkan naik. I've watched on TV during  a talkshow saying that Kadar peratusan penunggang motorsikal untuk selamat atas jalan raya is nearly 0%. kosong.
Motorsikal as compared to other vehicles, dia paling kecik. Kita kecualikan basikal sebab basikal bukan kenderaan berlesen. Dan banyak aku dapat berita pasal kemalangan pun motorsikal. Arwah senior aku pun, he was riding the motorcycle after being hit by a lorry. It's happened to be last week baru the late arwah tinggalkan kita (18/11/2011). My officemate pun used to be hit masa dia tunggang motorsikal. Alhamdulillah he is alive tapi honestly dia cakap itu cukup menginsafkan dia. You know lah bergelut antara hidup dan mati, with the God blessing only you can survive. And just now, my coursemate has been hit by a car masa dia menunggang/membonceng motorsikal. Semoga dia selamat ya ALLAH, i beg you. He is admitted to ICU and still remain unconscious. Bring him alive for good ya allah.

To Bikers outside, tunggang-lah motor berhati-hati, You are prone to danger with the highest risk on road. Kita dah berhati-hati, orang lain pula yang cuai. Tapi, apa-apa pun, be aware of the surrounding. Kita tahu ajal maut tu Allah yang tentukan, sebab itu qada' dan qadar dia tapi at least kita ada cara untuk mengelakkan kemalangan berlaku sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga, Please3x, berhati-hati lah.


Assalamualaikum :)

Just finished performing solat Asar and now I'm listening to a song which relaxing my mind. Looking outside of my house. Dark and raindrops keep on pouring. Nothing much that I can do, monsun melanda di Terengganu. Biasalah tu, masa dia dah sampai. I'm already 21. Reaching to the end of 21. Dah besar dah pun. Ada kawan dah kahwin dah pun :)
Rasa baru sekejap tinggalkan sekolah menengah. Even now, I'm still talking about my former school and semangat alumni tu memang ada deep in myself. 
Up to this degree, I am considered adult and my circles sometimes surrounded by elders. So, as a younger one, I have to make a move and talking about mingle with people, the most important thing for me is your IMAGE. I'm not mentioning the appearance of you, the shirts that you wear, the shoes that you wear or anything else. 
What I mean is the ATTITUDE.
 I do observe to some people which I am not too close basically. Just observe and I am talking to myself alone. Sometimes, they just only talk without considering what the people might think of him/her. they just do the talking. Maybe they don't want to be a hypocrite? Define me the hypocrite as I am always confused of it? If you meet a new friend and you keep on chattering rubbish, some sort of hurting the new friend. And yes, it's because it is you. You always talk bullshit to people. Your words keep on hurting people. 
It is a hypocrite to you if you mind your manner?
 Please tell me as I don't know on how to differentiate the terms of  HYPOCRITE & ATTITUDE. You do make a joke telling a guy as KO DAH MEMANG AHLI NERAKA, KO BODOH, embarassing him in front of fellow friends, suruh itu suruh ini & even worse sometimes you can make a joke telling that kalau mati boleh pilih, you want to die stroke by lightning pada masa you cakap tu jugak, sebab orang tanya kenapa hisap rokok, itu macam mempercepatkan kematian sedangkan you can choose not to die because of the cigars? 
MY QUESTION IS : WHO ARE YOU? sampai cakap mengarut sangat.
 Is it so funny for you making jokes like that? why you want to hide isn't it as it IS YOU. what's worth being HYPOCRITE right?
but I just observe waiting for the time maybe boleh nasihatkan sikit. Semoga Allah bukakkan pintu hati agar kita semua gunakan lidah for our good, not to make ourselves bad to the people's eyes. It's a REFLECTION OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE. 

Just my 2 cents as an OBSERVER.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Penyakit ke Habit?

Assalamualaikum & Hi semua.

Kejap lagi Bola sepak antara Indonesia & Malaysia akan berlangsung. What to expect? Hehe, harap Malaysia menang-lah :)
Bukan benda tu yang nak aku bincangkan kat entri ni. Now I would like to talk about : Sombong, Bongkak & yang sama waktu dengannya tu penyakit ke habit? Ke ade term lain eh?
I just can't bear with certain people that I've met, keja nak sombong je. Tension tahu jumpa orang macam ni. Nak tegur2 je rasa mintak ubah perangai tu tapi dah kita ni bukan sesape lagi kan, tu yang jadi susah. Gaji besar pangkat tinggi mula la nak itu ini. BUT, not all the richer are like that, yang kerja tak seberapa pun ada kan? itu nak tahu penyakit ke ape. Tapi honestly, anda nak sombong buat apa? and nak sombong dekat sapa? I still remember, I met these two engineers which I know that they knew me already. I raised my hand,smiled and just about to say "Hello" tapi tak habis sempat jadi "Eyy" sebab yelah kita senyum bukan kemain, siap angkat tangan lagi tapi dia buat muka toya and tengok kita buat muka tak tahu je. Jumpa lagi and aku senyummmmmmmm, dia buat lagi. Pffft. Tak tahu nak cakap apa. Pastu nak mintak tolong kenal pulak. # Marah sungguh! 
Jangan pandang rendah sangat lah anda yang sombong2 ni because soon I will be joining you guys as well. 
Bila tengok the way they treat the subordinates and orang bawah rasa macam entahlah nak mencarut pun ada. Dengan orang tua pun tak respect sebab position dia lagi tinggi.
#Astaghfirullah. Kerek .
Aku orang yang takde apa2 ni lagi hanya boleh tengok and nasihat kat diri sendiri je when soon I'll be an engineer, tak perlu nak menyombong2 ni. Losing friends, and people respect you sebab you superior dia. Itu sahaja. Respect sebab terpaksa macam aku tengah buat sekarang ni. #Respect when dealing with kerja sahaja OK. I just don't find any ways to respect you.
Ingat, mati besok tinggi melambung sampai ke langit ke jawatan ko, pangkat ko and gaji ko. Benda tu takde nilai bila dah masuk kubur. Semua mati masuk dalam lubang tanah jugak. Ingat tu. Sapa kita nak sombong2 ni. 
Aku emo ni bukan sebab apa, bila tengok orang terpelajar yang berlagak sangat ni. Aku rasa menyampah. #Menyampah sungguh!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum @ Hello :)

Honestly, this is just my point of view as I'm telling all the readers prior to read my entry. Kut2-lah ada yang tak setuju ke nanti kan. Talking about politics in Malaysia, rasanya semua pun tahu kan yang if not by the end of this year or early next year we will be having an election again & I'm already eligible to ballot which party that deserve my vote. Up to now I'm still a Neutral-ist. Tak undikan tanggungjawab negara. Nak undi tak tahu yang mana. ==!
Tapi kan...
Perasan tak, nak dekat je pilihan raya maka banyak lah yang nak pancing undi. OK.
Semua orang pun tahu. #Stereotyping.
Nak undi mesti kena pancing. Sampai ada yang sanggup tanam tebu tepi bibir.
Lepas tu, another thing kalau dekat Malaysia ni mesti nak pinpoint masalah opposition, which is in general is good. Because you'll know what's your weaknesses. #inevitable.
Tapi kadang2, sebab sanggup nak jatuhkan parti lawan ada je issue yang kadang2 rasa muak dah nak dengar/layan. 
Eg: Kes Liwat DS Anwar Ibrahim.Berbulu telinga duk dengar tahu?
 And the other thing which I found so obvious is among Malays tu yang sakan dok kau kata kat aku, aku kata kat kau. Bagus sangatlah tu.
Sampaikan up to a certain degree surau masjid jadi dua. Surau hijau satu, surau biru satu. Kampungnye satu saje. Pastu, kalau sekampung sanggup tu tak bertegur sapa and ada siap buat fatwa lagi kalau mati besok, kalau undi PAS confirm masuk syurga. That's one thing. Lagi satu, dengar pun rasa macam eh dia ni biar betul. Siap cakap kalau mati, nanti bulan yang dekat PAS tu boleh menerangi kubur, kalau undi Dacing nanti jadi gelap kubur sebab Dacing kan Dark Blue. #I'm not saying I'm Pro UMNO or anti PAS here.
#Astaghfirullah. Come on people. I'm not talking rubbish, this is what I've heard and seen. you gotta be kidding kalau boleh jatuhkan hukum sape masuk syurga & neraka. Dekat Malaysia ni je ada PAS and UMNO ni. Jangan menjadi Jumud kerana taksub. Don't be too extremist.

Please don't bother too much pasal colour biru, hijau, merah semua tu. Itu semua kepentingan politik. Semua nak hak memerintah. I don't care who's running the country PROVIDED you're Muslim and bring the country for betterment. Kalau nak ikutkan dreamed party memerintah yang aku nak. Aku nak yang membangun secara ukhrawi and duniawi. So masing2 improvelah belah situ. Nak membangun tapi islam kat belakang. Bagus sangat lah tu.
Why are we wasting our time on criticizing you & me too much till we're preoccupied of what we've to do. Kita duk pum pam pum pam salahkan masing-masing. Semua nak menang. Tapi bangsa lain duk sibuk improvising their race.
Tengoklah ekonomi Malaysia siapa juara? Yang paling miskin siapa? #thinkwisely
Kalau sibuk duk kritik, taraf hidup naik okay le jugak. At least nampak lah hasil.
Maafkan saya kalau pandangan saya ini mengguris hati sesiapa. I'm 21, not too matured enough in politics BUT just so you know that ada orang macam saya pun berfikir exactly like me.

That's why people always say there is nothing to do with politics as it's good but it's the politician who are not doing it right.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)
 Just finished reading some nice entries dekat satu blog ni. Awesome!
Some of the entries talking about men and yes it does give me some reflection of who am I and what I am supposed to do. TO BE A BETTER MAN.
Talking about professions, many of us have their own dreams to be achieved and pursued. Ada yang nak jadi doctor-lah, nak jadi engineer-lah, nak jadi pramugara-lah (aku lettew. I was),
nak jadi accountant kire duit ribu-riban, jad itu jadi ini. Pokoknye, jadilah apa yang anda mahu jadi. Be who want you to be. Janji, it's Halal and baik di sisi Tuhan. Ok?
Income should be halal-lah sebab besok2 once you're married with some children. Takkan nak suap anak bini dengan benda2 yang bukan2 kan? It shouldn't be alright.
OK. Dari pembacaan tadi dalam kalangan Mak2 ni dia suke le kan bercerite pasal anak, pasal menantu die. Keja kat mana, gaji banyak mana. Tapi takpelah, dia takde sapa dah nak dibanggakan melainkan kejayaan anak2 dia and in-laws kan? Positive babeyh :)
So, biasa-nya mak2 ni memang ke mana2 pun akan bercerite pasal anak dia keja apa, menantu dia keja apa and this is from the reading lah. Mereka ni selalu nak yang macam ni :-

# Doctor

Ayy, siapa taknak bermenantukan Doktor kan? Sakit demam takde susah2 boleh mintak ubat free je. Doctor was my one of my ambition masa di sekolah dulu. Tapi tu lah Bio saya tak keren, so mimpi je lah nak pakai kot putih putih ittew :P
*** Teringat dekat satu peristiwa kat kampung. Akak tu punya-lah nak berbangga sebab dia kan nurse sanggup cakap kat orang2 tua dekat kampung yang gaji nurse lagi besauuu pada doktor punya. Emm, nama je kampung tapi orang semua tahu lah kak doktor is a much higher-paid salary and far way better than nurse. U lulus STPM, yang dia masuk Uni 5-6 tahun nak pecah otak belajar. So x payah nak berlagak sangat-lah kan. 

# Engineer

SLB nih = Schlumberger.
Semua orang tahu gaji besar bapak ni :) Mak2 berkenan le dapat engineer nak2 kaalu yang kerja ngan Oil & Gas. Tapi engineer lain pun laku jugak. Tak kisah engineer apa2 janji engineer :) I am admiring SLB so that's why I put this pic. Hopefully, I will be joining them soon. Pray for me fellas :)

# Pilot

Yaww, ini memang awesomee! My dormate masa dekat Faris dulu is also a pilot-to-be :)
Mana tak awesomenye, orang sibuk jam dengan trafik. Dia bawak besi ulang alik kat belah atas. Jealous sungguh! Ni macam aku yang suka bukan mak2 je kan. Ehehe. 

# Bussinessman

Drama Melayu, kalau businessman mesti nak kaya aje. Wang berjuta-juta. You should know some of the bussinessman pun bukan-lah kaya as per what you've watched on TV k. There are all stereo-typing :P

# Architect

Ini pun ye jugak. Tak tahu nak elaborate macam mana. Ehehe.

Act. there are some more jobs that are so famous among in-laws. Those above are the most typical one-lah. Sebenarnya, like I used to say, kerja lah bro nak kerja apa pun. jadik chef ke, photographer ke anything you want to be. Janji it's Halal :)
Different people have different concept of achievements :)
Hidup kita tak makan dek puji kan? So, why you bother :) You make money, satisfy yourself and your family. Cukup makan zahir dan batin. It's should be enough. Ukur baju di badan sendiri :)
My 2 cents.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Salam alaik to my bros and sistas.
Alhamdulillah just came back from having dinner with the other housemates outside. Petang tadi after solat jumaat sempat pergi beli barang rumah sekejap dekat Mesra Mall. Many thanks to Allah-lah sebab still giving me chance to bagi makan dekat diri ni walaupun aku ni absolutely not a good person, yet He still gives reminder for me not to forget that living in this temporary world, you better do good deed as much as you can. A bit astray perhaps. Maybe those sentence aku je yang faham. Huhu.

Back to the topic asal. Living in Kerteh is still new for me. So much to treasure here. Kadang-kadang you can't really tell any people there by looking at their appearance or looking sebab nampak macam pakcik biasa2 je, tapi rupa-rupanya senior engineer. Tengok muda lagi ingatkan budak sekolah tapi engineer. Ha cenggitu lah. Even kalau dekat kedai2 makan tu pun most of them orang oil and gas. Dah tempat dia kan, nak buat macam mana. Talking about experimenting life, I just nak ulas sebab I'm still new to Kerteh ni. Kadang2 makan dekat luar ni buat aku cuak jugak sebab I don't even know which kedai is economical for us lah. I'm telling you this because semua orang tahu yang kos sara hidup di area Paka and Kerteh is the highest at Terengganu. Orang minyak semua kat situ, mestilah orang berniaga nak kaut untung. Ni bukan saja nak mereka-reka cerita. I get the news before I come here and when I am here, people keep on telling the same thing. And, adalah jugak pernah kena. It's okay, kena sekali next time takyah datang lagi.

So, as for now we're doing experiment makan dahulu kedai mana2. If reasonable, then perhaps next time kami datang lagi. If not, perhaps itulah yang terakhir kali. In money wise,you have to be well-planned. Don't make it too free-flow. Tak sampai akhir bulan dah kering. Orang makan gaji ni, planning wise should be tip top la. 


I'm still in shocked

My senior back in SMSTMFP had passed away early this morning.

Semoga ALLAH mengangkat beliau berada di sisi-Nya bersama para mukminin and para solihin. I am astonished as well when hear the bad news as it sounds unbelievable, tapi itulah kita yang hidup ni patut tahu and I know that we already know about this yang Mati tu tak menjemput seseorang based on umur kita. The late arwah was one year older than me and itu sangat menginsafkan saya. Honestly speaking.

After habis belajar di Faris Petra, we don't really keep in touch for quite number of years until last two months (if I am not mistaken) , masa tu saya masih lagi di UTP. I accidentally jumpa di Facebook. FB really reconnect people and after awhile in FB, kami tukar2 number phone and tanya khabar. He was my abang dorm during my time in school. Both of us were in prefectorial board and he was the Head Boy of 2006. 
To be connected again after quite sometimes was very exciting but it's only about 2-3 months and now disconnected again. Insyaallah, I will keep on praying to arwah hopefully in this way we are REconnected back.

As a reminder for me la,kita ni benda pinjam. Benda pinjam ni sampai masa kita kena hantar pulang. Do appreciate those around you, in your circles, your friends and your family until for a certain  time, we are going to be returned back. And it's very certain.

P/S: Allah memanggil kita melalui 3 cara :
(1) Panggilan Solat
(2) Panggilan Haji
(3) Panggilan Mati.

Source : Al-Hidayah TV3 (18/11/2011)



Assalamualaikum semua.

Jumaat. 18/11/2011
One of my beloved seniors, Muhd Syahrul Yusof who was also my abang dorm for almost 2 years (2004-2005) till he was appointed to be the Head Boy at our school, SMS Tg Muhd Faris Petra on 2006 had just passed away this morning due to accident. 

Blog is not a place for the art of writing only but a place for sharing.

Semoga Arwah ditempatkan di sisi orang beriman dan semoga hikmah pulangnya beliau ke sisi Allah pada hari jumaat diperkenankan.


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِي
الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ
الرَّحْمـنِ الرَّحِيمِ
مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ
إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ
اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ
صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّينَ