Thursday, July 7, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua :)

Hari ni officially mid sem break start tapi aku lagi sekali tak dapat balik sebab ada hal dekat UTP and i have something important on this coming Saturday. 
Definitely not the BERSIH 2.0 rally led by Datuk S.Ambiga okay. Haha. 

Semalam when i was online on gtalk, i had a short chat with my friend. Gwa rasa agak stress dua tiga minggu ni sebab I coudn't manage my time wisely. I shouldn't say I don't have enough time, because i do have a plenty of time to be used, back then it's just wasted like that :'(

So, as most of UTPians drove home safely starting from yesterday. So, i was a bit bored and had a chat on talk. Percaya tak kalau kita ada dekat dengan orang yang jenis positive thinking, it eventually will spread the positive ions indirectly to us? I do believe in that, sebab x rasa syirik. Because all of us do have a so-called an aura. So, gwa dok borak2 tu, alhamdulillah dengan nasihat yang diberikan, erm better called sharing session la. Then gwa rasa macam semangat terus :)

You'll definitely need someone like this to encourage you when you are feeling not so okay :). i a bit envy towards my friend sorang ni because i do not know how dia boleh tenang like you have no problems. 
The key is positive attitude that he poses :)
Dia yang bagitahu aku camtu, so aku try untuk berubah to be a positive thinker and pose a better attitude.
Kita baik, semua akan sayang kan?
So, i need to have a better attitude and good thinking :)
That's all fellas!

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