Sunday, July 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua :)

Okay, saya saja ingin mengulas sedikit pasal BERSIH rally that was happened yesterday.
 I was in KL yesterday for a good reason and definitely not for the rally.
at 5.39 am, I took an ETS and at 7.42 am, I safely arrived at KL Sentral as per scheduled.
Alhamdulillah, there was nothing bad happen in the morning, so I went for Putra LRT to Taman Bahagia.
After finishing my job, at 4 pm, I went back to LRT Taman Bahagia to take the Putra to Kl Sentral.
 And surprisingly all the main interchanges for LRT, ERL, Monorail were closed like KL Sentral, Masjid Jamek, the Dang Wangi and another one I forgot already. 

People were quite shocked there because it stopped the public activities. 
If we wanted to go for shopping, yes it was tolerable, next weekend we can do it again.
 Somehow,for people like me who went there for an industrial training interview, it was completely made me mad. 
Definitely, all the BERSIH's demonstrators owe me something in hereafter.
 I don't care if you wanna make a rally to Istana  Negara or whatsoever. Please do it. But why did you have to cause trouble at Kl Sentral which i think the life of public transportation in KL.
 Because of that that you have caused public a problem, or perhaps many problems like me.
I have to go to Seksyen 17 Shah Alam, looking for bus to Ipoh, wait for bus till night, at Ipoh, need to ask my friend to fetch me to UTP and early in the morning then I safely arrrived at UTP.
It's okay, I try to see in a positive way.

But what make me feel mad is that some people put the blame on the POLICE.
i would like to ask. why?
they just only do their works. They are the ones who received orders only. The superior ask them to do so.
 I don't feel they are willingly to go there and do the road blocks.
I saw many faces of police men  with tired-feeling yesterday.
If you have a father, mother, brother, sister working as a police officer. 
Will you curse them like you curse any policemen yesterday? I said this because I have read some narrow-minded people put the blame on the police in twitter and facebook.
 Do they really want to sacrifice their only weekend just for the rally? Think wisely fellas.

I am not so into politics but i really know that politic is not bad but the politicians are suck.

sometimes i always wondering, why so many Malays going for the rally? instead another races perhaps can be counted by your jari jemari.
think people, please think.

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