Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

It has been a long time i haven't give any updates here. 
Heheh lama menyepi sebab sekarang i am in a new phase of life.
 Adapting into a new worklife culture.
Bangkit di awal pagi pulang dekat-dekat matahari nak tenggelam. this is my new routine.
balik penat, campak badan atas tilam, pastu kroh2. 
This is me up until now.
Tapi x syok jugak bro sebab hidup rasa kosong, my life is circled with works ony. need to find some entertainment ad. Hehe
So now i try to revert back, not to be pemalas as what i used to do prior to be an intern, just to get back some life ----> by blogging :)
at least one entry/day is enuf ad :)
So, let me say hello once again to  my blogspot yang dah basi ni. Hehe
Just to correct for those who do not realize yet that i am not a trainee for Brunsfield as for what I have mentioned prior to this in a previous entry. Just to tell you guys, now I'm in Carigali Kerteh, Petronas.
Get to find some good ideas for the next entry :)


raja iffah said... epah...knal x??
do follow my blog:)

fez ismail said...

Pah, kenal2 :) baru male tengok gamba epah dale FB areh :) Okeh follow epah :)