Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gazas, Syrians, Rohingyas need our Du'a

Assalamualaikum guys :)

Selepas lama tak menulis, rasanya elok jugak kalau aku jadikan ni sebagai platform untuk sebarkan dan mengingatkan kita semua pasal keadaan our Muslim's brothers and sisters dekat Palestin, Syria and Myanmar sana. Believe it or not, they are suffering, fighting for their rights and lives out there and we are responsible for the suffer that they're enduring right now. Kenapa kita dipertanggungjawabkan atas kesengsaraan yang mereka alami? 
You'll know that when you see the video here : Cik Beah Osem -Burung Kecil

To read all the updates on Facebook about The Gaza people, Syrians and Rohingyas make me feel helpless. There are just no other ways I could help you guys out there except for my continuous Du'a. (TT_TT)
Forgive me ya Allah and make ease for them to seek the Victory!!!

Keep pouring our Du'a for them guys, in every seconds the bullets of Israelis are piercing our brothers' flesh in Palestine, the mortars are destroying the innocent lives!

#Pray for them guys. That's the least thing we can do and that's the list thing we need to do!

Check out these links to keep you updated about your brothers and my brothers!

I can only weep when my brothers and sisters in Gaza, Syria, Myanmar are suffering deep (T T)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Salam alaik to all, still not being late I guess to wish to all Muslims out there Taqabballahu Minna Waminkum, Siyamana Wasiyakum. May Allah accepts it from us and you. Maaf Zahir Batin jugak untuk sesiapa yang berkenaan jika ada tersalah silap, kurang lebih diri ini mohon diampunkan. 

This Eid I would say for me is not that meriah as yesteryears, not because of lack of any preparation. It's just my beloved father has been sicked since the third day of eid and we have been back and forth to hospital until 6th day of Eid, and eventually he's getting better now, Alhamdulillah. May Allah protects all my family members as I still have a lot more to show to my parents and siblings and biarlah ibu bapa saya sempat merasa masa untuk anak balas jasa. 

I have been in UTP since yesterday and tomorrow officially I will be starting to visit library frequently hehe, Raya sudah habis bro, now it's the time to prep for final exam pulak. I don't plan anything to be written here basically, so you will read the things that just a random thought and whatever is in my head, I just write them down here.

Again, to end this entry, happy eid mubarak everyone! Maaf Zahir Batin and to those kalau ada rasa salah silap dengan saya, I already forgive you. May we become better and better everyday in our lives insyaAllah.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Final year and all the in-betweens

Assalamualaikum ;)

     It's been like ages since  my last post, which was during my internship at PETRONAS Carigali Kerteh like months ago :) And I would like to convey my greatest gratitude to Allah, my beloved parents and families, PPD-P fraternity and fellow trainees as Alhamdulillah, I aced my internship with 4.0 :)
Thanks to Allah.
Now, I'm officially becoming a final year student, there is one more semester to go and insya Allah by the end of this year, I'll be graduating with an honor of bachelor in civil engineering majoring in Offshore Structures and Coastal Engineering. May Allah ease my journey, Ameen :)

Upon returning from internship and getting back to UTP, I have seen some minor and major changes in and out of UTP :) There is a TESCO built and operated at Taman Maju, which is before the nearest one would be at Tesco Station 18, Pangkalan and it's about 20-30 minnutes drive. And talking about Pangkalan, there is now an AEON Station 18 which is the largest mall in Perak and alhamdulillah, ada la jugak tempat baru nak beli-belah or else prior to this, it will always be either JUSCO Ipoh or Ipoh Parade. The only choices that we have ;) There are some other good places if I could name it like for eateries, gadgets and etc. Talking about Sri Iskandar, form my POV, it is now slowly developing and it's good! Adik2 jugakla dapat merasa wayang baru, Mc D, bowling semua2 tu ;) In UTP pulak, the western stall that we used to have our Chicken Chop, Carbonara,Bolognese,Lasagne is no longer avail. :(
Okay now done with that.

So, once we come back to UTP, we have had our first gathering at Teluk Batik. Up until now, there are so many plans into list that goes on and on. Starting with gathering at Teluk Batik, a visit to Saufi' house (one of our course mates who have had involved in accident during his internship, now he is regaining strength to memorize, to start walking, to be back as normal again), Satay Bota's gathering, Grand Annual Dinner, Durian-Durian and many more to come in list. I find it this is the way for me and my friends to cherish our final year and soon these are the memories that we can hold and reminisce them back when all of us take different paths and careers. There is nothing to be sad of, because what come to my understanding is that, when there is a start, there is should be an end. And for every ending point that we just reach, it is basically just a new starting point for us to continue living perhaps with another people around, with new environment and experience. That is how I define LIFE. It's a journey.

1st event: Teluk Batik's Gathering. (June 1st/2012)

Thursday, February 23, 2012



20th April, there is a human was born with the sole purpose of bringing people to revert back to Tawheed, he was our Holy Prophet, Muhammad SAW. In the same month, I was born to a loving family, in a suburb area somewhere in Kelantan. Erik Erikson ( the Freudian psychologist), theorized that now I'm 22, I'm moving out of the 5th phase of life he termed 'Identity Vs Role Confusion'. I never did have a full idea on what he meant, but well, I guess what he tried to say is that by now, I'm supposed to have my own real identity, or else I will end up having confusion about my roles in life!

Have I've found my identity?

Guess so...There is some days in the past, I can say that I spent my lifetime pondering upon questions of identity. I was more concerned about what I appear to be in the eyes of the others instead of what I real;y feel I am. In the words of Natasha Beddingfield: " The slightest remark would embark me on a journey of self-doubt". I can still remember how I used to get angry, hurt, tell me no, or give me some other form of disapproval. But I did learn a lot from those days, I gave myself a break. I reminded myself that even in a landslide election victory in which candidate secures 55% of the vote, he/she is left with 45% of the population that wishes someone else were the winner. Pretty humbling, is it?

The point is: This is my life. It's a brief candle. I won't spend  it trying to be what other people want me to be. The question I should be asking right now is: " Am I who I wanna be?"