Sunday, July 1, 2012

Senior Year in UTP


Hello UTP once again.
All praise to Allah for giving me an opportunity to have my internship at Kompleks Operasi Petronas (KOP), Kertih for 7 months. It was such a pleasure to be in PM-9 fraternity in PPD-P Department. Indeed, it was such an experience working with operation team that handling with old platforms  and it was tough!

Done with intership.
Now, I can proudly say that I am in Senior Year in UTP. Weehoo!
One more semester to go and inshaAllah by the end of this year - I'll be graduating with an honor of bachelor in civil engineering majoring in Offshore Structures and Coastal Engineering.
Road to graduation people!

7 months leaving uni was quite a time. I have seen some developments around Seri Iskandar then.
1. Tesco mart is available - in which before this the closest one was at Station 18, Pangkalan. Took you almost 30 mins drive to there.
2. Talking about Pangkalan also, a new AEON Mall also was up. So another option rather than going to Ipoh Kinta City for AEON

Back in uni with my coursemates again. We have  prepared the list for road to graduation

So, once we come back to UTP, we have had our first gathering at Teluk Batik. Up until now, there are so many plans into list that goes on and on. Starting with gathering at Teluk Batik, a visit to Saufi' house (one of our course mates who have had involved in accident during his internship, now he is regaining strength to memorize, to start walking, to be back as normal again), Satay Bota's gathering, Grand Annual Dinner, Durian-Durian and many more to come in list. I find it this is the way for me and my friends to cherish our final year and soon these are the memories that we can hold and reminisce them back when all of us take different paths and careers. There is nothing to be sad of, because what come to my understanding is that, when there is a start, there is should be an end. And for every ending point that we just reach, it is basically just a new starting point for us to continue living perhaps with another people around, with new environment and experience. That is how I define LIFE. It's a journey.

1st event: Teluk Batik's Gathering. (June 1st/2012)

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