Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random Thought


Guess this is still not too late for me to wish my Muslims brethren out there a "Taqabballahu Minna Waminkum Minna Ya Kareem"
May Allah accepts the good deeds of us and you

The Eid for this year is not much merrier than what it used to be. Just not because of any lacking in preparation but my dad had been down with sickness since the third day of Raya and from there on -  we had been going to hospital regularly until the sixth day of Raya. I'd been worried about him since my dad rarely got sick

Alhamdulillah, since then he was okay and recovering. May Allah raised the sickness from him and wished that my dad would get better soon

On the other note - I've been back in uni. since yesterday and yes - tomorrow I will start getting to "visit" uni. library frequently - meaning to say the exam just in few weeks ahead *smh*.

So, again as I said this post is blatantly about my random thought.
So, sorry for that kiddos.


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