Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gazas, Syrians, Rohingyas need our Du'a

Assalamualaikum guys :)

Selepas lama tak menulis, rasanya elok jugak kalau aku jadikan ni sebagai platform untuk sebarkan dan mengingatkan kita semua pasal keadaan our Muslim's brothers and sisters dekat Palestin, Syria and Myanmar sana. Believe it or not, they are suffering, fighting for their rights and lives out there and we are responsible for the suffer that they're enduring right now. Kenapa kita dipertanggungjawabkan atas kesengsaraan yang mereka alami? 
You'll know that when you see the video here : Cik Beah Osem -Burung Kecil

To read all the updates on Facebook about The Gaza people, Syrians and Rohingyas make me feel helpless. There are just no other ways I could help you guys out there except for my continuous Du'a. (TT_TT)
Forgive me ya Allah and make ease for them to seek the Victory!!!

Keep pouring our Du'a for them guys, in every seconds the bullets of Israelis are piercing our brothers' flesh in Palestine, the mortars are destroying the innocent lives!

#Pray for them guys. That's the least thing we can do and that's the list thing we need to do!

Check out these links to keep you updated about your brothers and my brothers!

I can only weep when my brothers and sisters in Gaza, Syria, Myanmar are suffering deep (T T)