Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Count Your Blessings


It has been a few weeks leaving this blog unattended. Not because I don't have enough time to visit but I feel better reading other people' posts - I do blogwalking to some nice blogs too heh
Alhamdulillah, I think I have gained lots of information out there 

In this post, I would like to share about my gratitude to Allah for His infinity blessing to me as I have been receiving good news last week.
About what? Later I'll explain to you. And perhaps in the next post, I would be sharing some tips based on my experience for PETRONAS Structured Interview.

Basically, in 2008 I have been offered to pursue my degree in Civil Engineering, majoring in Offshore and Coastal Engineering in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.
Alhamdulillah my 5 years of studies have been fully sponsored by PETRONAS, which in specific terms it's known as a convertible loan sponsorship - in a case whereby if you are under performance, the scholarship can be terminated and you have to pay back to PETRONAS.

So, after 5 years been in Tronoh, Perak.
Alhamdulillah I managed to finish my bachelor degree successfully and soon after sitting for final exam, I had been scheduled to have a structural interview on 7th January 2013 at UTP itself.
To tell the truth I did practice and read current issues plus with some tips given by seniors. Believe me, practice makes perfect. You don't have to memorize, but practice.
There is a difference between berlatih dan menghafal which I will elaborate it later in next post. After 2 hours and 15 minutes of continuous talking and been interviewed, then it was over. Above all, it went well.

On 14th February, the interview result had been released and alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah as I had been recommended which means pass the interview phase. and now, I am in a waiting phase, waiting to be called for medical check-up and after that officially joining the company. Hoping it won't be that long huhu.

But, all in all, I am thanking all, to Allah specifically, to my parents, seniors, and friends for the continuous du'a and wishes. May Allah repays everything and InsyaAllah I will infaq some of my salary soon to the needy. Alhamdulillah and thanks for reading :)


Daffodil said...

tahniah apih!:)

Hafez Ismail said...

Thanks jugak Aween :) Bila habih?

Anonymous said...

salam, hafez may i know did PETRONAS call you after the interview result? i just attend the SI the past 2 weeks and a week after HR sent me an email telling that i passed the interview and subject to placement..but im confuse should i just waiting them to call me or maybe i can call them to follow up...? thanx :)

M Hafez Ismail said...

Wassalam : ) Alhamdulillah congrats to you : ) In my case ex-UTP, we are notified first that the result of SI would be avail sekian2 date. So, we're the one that make that call for confirmation. Yah it's better for you to call them rather than waiting hehe. Congrats again! : )

Anonymous said...

okay, thanx very much hafez... congratz to you too... all the best in your future... :)

Anonymous said...

slm nk tnye,kalau dpt offer letter tu kne tggu lama ke?sbb saya dh dpt recommended n dh dpt surat utk bt medical check-up.any idea?