Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Revival

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Three years have gone and yes here I am again.

Like for one more time - I'm sitting in front of my laptop, blogging this.
It takes guts and times to revive this blog. Seriously.

The last post that I blogged was the Tips for Structural Interview PETRONAS back in 2013 and to be frank, during that time also I was already in the company and I was struggling to adapt in working life. I was literally back at home Maghrib time and already flat for another post. 
Sometimes, I was offshore - and working in shift hours. I appreciate my rest time even more and yes, the ambiance also was not suitable for blogging. Plus, the internet connection was like nak send an email pun susah kemain. Sometimes.

And now, I think I miss doing this again. I have a bit time for blogging at night. Why only now? Three years have surpassed and within that time-frame so many things have changed. I'm still with the company, on the move like before but with different OPU. 

I will find time to explain more. I have so many plates on the table but I don't know which one do I need to choose.

But, for a start - this is good enough.

I miss taking my own sweet time, writing of what my mind needs to say and express my feelings into words. 

This is just a start, I promise to come back here - blogging at least once a week.

Till then, adios.