Thursday, December 15, 2011



There are certain things in our lives that can never be interpreted with the senses that we have. Ada, betul ada. Kadang-kadang bila difikirkan menyebabkan rasa kepala pusing. I one had a conversation with my friend not too long ago. Talking about engineering projects and talking about life as well. Sort of. I had been asked by him sepanjang saya hidup ni, ada tak benda yang terlalu sukar untuk saya explainkan. Something hard for you to express and even harder to tell the people. So, I personally said ada lah kut but I forgot what was the thing. So, I asked him back what was yours? Dia bagitahu yang dia selalu fikir bagaimana kita yang celik mata ni nak terangkan sesuatu yang memang tak dapat kita nak beri gambaran lansung dekat mereka yang cacat penglihatan. Contoh, macam mana kita nak bagitahu mereka yang darah tu warna merah? dan merah tu macam mana? I was like I had never go that far tapi it's something fruitful for me to realize that if it was for real, how would you explain to them which is clearly for you to know that it is unexplained by words.

It is for us to believe that there are certain things yang kita tak boleh ask for more and something that we cannot question I guess. It's beyond our prediction. The Supreme Power knows better and what is the best untuk hambanya. Tapi just to tell you kalau in that case, we have no answer for that question.
Mereka mungkin kurang pancaindera tapi I know diorang lagi celik hati daripada kita yang celik mata ni. 
To cut short, appreciate your eyes and bersyukurlah denagn nikmat mata yang ada ni.
Tak gitu? 

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