Sunday, 22 July 2018

Unleash the real you


Since I am having a free weekend today; so I have decided to blog again 

I do really wish I will have more time spending here; as I love so much to blog - sharing my life events here


Yesterday was unexpectedly a blast for me and I felt the vibes were positive enough & I had spared some time to twitch a bit here & there in my blog and I had promised that today I shall make an entry to my blog. At least, there will be something progressively happening here

Hence, here I am


Believe me or not, sometimes you find a bit surprised when you just discovered any potentials or new traits in yourselves and you could eventually make peace with that and start to accept of who you really are

As I growing older; I have learnt myself about my personality trade. In which, this is actually my longest struggle in finding my own identity. It was such a big discovery to me back then though. Really

For after 27 years of living, finally I can say I am an introvert guy. And I have no problem with that. In fact, for all the things that I have done and I found them wrong before; are now justified

I discovered that I truly find a peace whenever I am alone. Alone is not always being lonely. That two words do have such a big difference and one is not similar to latter at all

I love reading books and have a cup of coffee by my side, goes to beach and stay inside my car while listening to radio, I enjoy staying alone in my room, have a long shower, do skincare routine and of course laying on my bed all day long on my weekends & to the extend I do travel or having a little escapade all by myself. That are such a serendipity for me

I once told to my colleague and his reaction was like..'What....are you for real?.."

I thought it was weird and I started not to disclose that much of myself to people. I did not open my true self and showed my true color, so that I would not be judged. But after all, it was me that matters and why should I hurt myself just to please people

I have a habit of difficulty to utter NO and decline to any invitations where I am actually don't find a comfort to be in that events

Last year was just a beginning to a new me and alhamdulillah I really happy that people around me started to accept of who I am

I shall speak the details of how I eventually discovered myself in the next entry.

This is just too long for a read but yes; this is just me being me :)

Thank you for those who keep your 10 mins reading this and I do appreciate that

Till the next post




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