Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm still in shocked

My senior back in SMSTMFP had passed away early this morning.

Semoga ALLAH mengangkat beliau berada di sisi-Nya bersama para mukminin and para solihin. I am astonished as well when hear the bad news as it sounds unbelievable, tapi itulah kita yang hidup ni patut tahu and I know that we already know about this yang Mati tu tak menjemput seseorang based on umur kita. The late arwah was one year older than me and itu sangat menginsafkan saya. Honestly speaking.

After habis belajar di Faris Petra, we don't really keep in touch for quite number of years until last two months (if I am not mistaken) , masa tu saya masih lagi di UTP. I accidentally jumpa di Facebook. FB really reconnect people and after awhile in FB, kami tukar2 number phone and tanya khabar. He was my abang dorm during my time in school. Both of us were in prefectorial board and he was the Head Boy of 2006. 
To be connected again after quite sometimes was very exciting but it's only about 2-3 months and now disconnected again. Insyaallah, I will keep on praying to arwah hopefully in this way we are REconnected back.

As a reminder for me la,kita ni benda pinjam. Benda pinjam ni sampai masa kita kena hantar pulang. Do appreciate those around you, in your circles, your friends and your family until for a certain  time, we are going to be returned back. And it's very certain.

P/S: Allah memanggil kita melalui 3 cara :
(1) Panggilan Solat
(2) Panggilan Haji
(3) Panggilan Mati.

Source : Al-Hidayah TV3 (18/11/2011)


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