Thursday, 24 November 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

Just finished performing solat Asar and now I'm listening to a song which relaxing my mind. Looking outside of my house. Dark and raindrops keep on pouring. Nothing much that I can do, monsun melanda di Terengganu. Biasalah tu, masa dia dah sampai. I'm already 21. Reaching to the end of 21. Dah besar dah pun. Ada kawan dah kahwin dah pun :)
Rasa baru sekejap tinggalkan sekolah menengah. Even now, I'm still talking about my former school and semangat alumni tu memang ada deep in myself. 
Up to this degree, I am considered adult and my circles sometimes surrounded by elders. So, as a younger one, I have to make a move and talking about mingle with people, the most important thing for me is your IMAGE. I'm not mentioning the appearance of you, the shirts that you wear, the shoes that you wear or anything else. 
What I mean is the ATTITUDE.
 I do observe to some people which I am not too close basically. Just observe and I am talking to myself alone. Sometimes, they just only talk without considering what the people might think of him/her. they just do the talking. Maybe they don't want to be a hypocrite? Define me the hypocrite as I am always confused of it? If you meet a new friend and you keep on chattering rubbish, some sort of hurting the new friend. And yes, it's because it is you. You always talk bullshit to people. Your words keep on hurting people. 
It is a hypocrite to you if you mind your manner?
 Please tell me as I don't know on how to differentiate the terms of  HYPOCRITE & ATTITUDE. You do make a joke telling a guy as KO DAH MEMANG AHLI NERAKA, KO BODOH, embarassing him in front of fellow friends, suruh itu suruh ini & even worse sometimes you can make a joke telling that kalau mati boleh pilih, you want to die stroke by lightning pada masa you cakap tu jugak, sebab orang tanya kenapa hisap rokok, itu macam mempercepatkan kematian sedangkan you can choose not to die because of the cigars? 
MY QUESTION IS : WHO ARE YOU? sampai cakap mengarut sangat.
 Is it so funny for you making jokes like that? why you want to hide isn't it as it IS YOU. what's worth being HYPOCRITE right?
but I just observe waiting for the time maybe boleh nasihatkan sikit. Semoga Allah bukakkan pintu hati agar kita semua gunakan lidah for our good, not to make ourselves bad to the people's eyes. It's a REFLECTION OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE. 

Just my 2 cents as an OBSERVER.

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