Friday, November 18, 2011

ESPIEM babeyh.

Salam and Hello to my readers.
Okay, sekarang Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia sedang ongoing kan? I just checked the schedule on the internet pasal SPM ni and the very last paper would be on 8th DEC 2011. Tapi, not to everyone-lah. Sape yang ambik particular subjek tu je lah kut. Okay, now I guess  all the candidates are concentrating much on revising their studies and yes, that's what you should do btw :) Up to this degree, you should be well-prepared and free from any stress.
I was once to be SPM candidate, back in the year 2007. Ambik 10 subjek and it's pure science stream. So, adalah subjek elektif like Add. Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Not too forget EST but this is an opt for you to take it or not. Tapi, in my school, we had to. 
Believe it or not, SPM ni aku fikir masa tu ko belah2 mana pun ko kena perform jugak sebab that's your future, Else you'll go nowhere. Hehe. Pemikiran aku le, erm pada hemat aku betul-lah tu ngehehe TAPI don't push so hard sangat sebab kalau tak , takut2 jadik depressed so you're not in your best condition to sit for the exam. SPM ni bukan-lah penamat of choosing the right track for your lives. Tapi, SPM juga bukan-lah sesuatu yang perlu diambil ringan ye adik2. SPM ni membuka laluan to those who want to pursue their tertiary studies in university either local or oversea. 
So, owing to that matter, buatlah yang sehabis baik yang adik-adik mampu ya.
These are some tips that I think will help those SPM-ers a bit :-

#Just dengar lagu2 je to ensure suasana yang kondusif untuk study. It's a no-no for you to watch TV till late at night. Pasang slow je just to ensure you're not getting sleepy.

# Banyakkan Solat Hajat and Recite the Quran.

# At night you better go to your bed early. Let your mind get enough rest for tomorrow. Get all things done prior to sleep btw. Slip exam and stationery.

# Jangan terlampau cuak as I know memang setiap paper tu kita akan cuak, nak2 takut soalan spot tak keluar as per expected kan? So lesson learnt, don't put ypur trust too much dgn soalan spot ni. 

# Don't ever discuss before masuk exam. Let you stay calm and ingat, you dah revise apa yang kawan2 bincangkan tu. Kalau you discuss lagi before masuk exam tu, if let say you terdengar term yang you rasa2 macam tak tahu, then u're getting nervous and lose your concerntration. Itu bahaya.

# Masa menjawab, read the question carefully. Tulisan kemas. Jalan kira clear. Jangan overconfident. Kalau ada masa lebih, re-check. Satu lagi, you jawan from the first page onwards kan? tak dapat jawab, go for the next and so on till you come again to the soalan yang xleh jawab for the second attempt. Bila rasa cuak, selawat banyak2 and if you feel like x dapat nak jawab--------> you ask for ALLAH to help and jawab lah apa2 yang you rasa macam pengawas tu nanti ada point for them to give you marks.

# Habis exam, don't discuss. Let bygone be bygone. You have tried your best. What past is the past. The only thing that you can do is Tawakkal.

# Lastly, after finishing all the papers. Keep going with the Solat Hajat agar Allah lembutkan hati examiners to mark your paper.  

To all SPM-ers, I wish you the best. More than the best for you guys. Good luck and Have faith in God that you can do it well. Ameen.

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