Friday, November 11, 2011


Salam Hai!
melihat kepada tajuk entri itu, mesti nakomputih sajos hehe. Tapi it's okay because i will mix those languages in my blog, which is I am noticing that, I am not on behalf of the government to support the 'Jangan Cakap Menggunakan Bahasa Rojak'. Kita campur2 pun nice jugek dak?

Okay, basically I got this information long time ago while browsed thru at one of my fave. blogs.
Yang setakat dibaca itu, ada 4 cara for you guys to boost your memories level. Sebenarnya banyak je bro, but i do like to share some of them, like I am showing you a door  to a library as a hint, for the rest of them you may treasure them yourselves by reading perhaps :).

1 >> Chewing Gums.
if I'm not mistaken, ada orang Melayu kita panggil Singam kan? Rasa macam pernah dengar tapi tak tahu kat mana and tak tahu betul ke x. Ngehehe.

I don't know in detail but there are two studies in Journal Appetite (2002, 2004) saying that by chewing the singam/ bubble gum/ gula2 getah will increase the pace of your heartbeat and this is indirectly will increase as well the blood flow to your OTAK. logiknye pun, kita sujud tu kan sebab nak optimizekan pengaliran darah ke otak.  So this info might be true because more oxygen will be transferred to your brain as the blood happens to have Oxyhaemoglobin (Biologi 2006,2007).

2 >> Play Sports @ Exercises

it is a fact that everyone knew and in fact siap ada Pendidikan Jasmani & Kesihatan lagi kan korang belajar? Ngehehe.
Ni serampang dua mata lah ni kirenye cause it reduces the calories in your body and boosting up the memories of your brain at the same time. Don't push so hard macam nak ke gym bagai semua2 tu lah, you just can do some light exercises je macam jogging keliling taman you ke, cycling naik Fixie yang meletop2 sekarang ni kat Terengganu ni ke and many more that i know you can think yourselves.

3 >> Sip Some Caffeinated Drink.

Korang tahu tak zaman Nabi Muhammad SAW dulu, Baginda ada menyarankan kita mengambil kopi. You may search it online and this is a fact that we should know, caffeine is not as bad as what you guys have thought, if it has come across into your mind before lah. You should know that this is the propaganda by the Zionist saying that it is bad to be consumed. Well said, kenapa orang tergila-gilakan Coffee Beans, Starbucks semua tu kalau tidak kan? Satu cup punya lah mahal. FYI, Starbucks is referring to Israel basically. Star is ISRAEL (u see the bendera Israel yang Bintang bucu 6 tu) and Bucks referring to the money. Professors in Europe, they start their day with a cup of coffee. out of topic jap. Ngehehe. for optimum result, don't consume it till u are addicted to it lah. Even kalau u ambik vitamin/ supplement berlebihan pun it's not good to your antibody@health you know. sebab  it turns to be the other way around. Islam pun ajar bersederhana kan? Ngehehe.

4 >> Having Nap @ Siesta during the day.

Yes as for the name pun 'Nap' kan bukannye tidur malam so to have a better result don't sleep exceed 45 minutes. Dalam lbih kurang sejam je. Tido di siang hari ni pun rasanya memang Islam ajar jugak you know. Basically, those who know more about sunnah Nabi, i think all of these are extracted from them je.

Though I don't put any statistics or any scientific data for these, BUT I am sure that you guys already knew about this. I just remind you guys and for me as well. So, what are you waiting for?
let's us optimize the usage of our memories. Bunyik macam buat kempen dah pun. Seriously, for our betterment, why don't we give it a try-kan?
Selamat membaca and Selamat Beramal 

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