Friday, November 11, 2011

Mr. Johny English.

Salam Hi anda semua orang 

You know Mr. Johny English? Hehe. Dia sememangnya lawak on the screen and I do not know much about his private life till I read an entry about him dekat belog Akustressgiler, which you can find it dekat INFORMATIVE side of my blog. If you are interested to know more la, tapi serious best la banyak benda ko akan tahu.

Okay, now i'm telling you this. Here is the detail of Mr. JE.
Name : Mr. Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (I bet you guys know already about this)
Spouse : Sunetra Sastry
Son : Benjamin Atkinson
Daughter :  Lily Atkinson
POB :  Newcastle
DOB : 09th January 1955

Here you go some pics of Mr. JE

Credit to : INFORMATIVE @ Akustress.blogspot

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