Friday, November 18, 2011


Salam and Morning Peeps.

it's a Friday morning and I'm on my weekend ad :)
Okay, FYI. Every morning once I wake up biasalah mandi dulu, then solat after that I will prepare myself to off for work. Once done, while waiting for the housemates getting themselves done, I will browse through the blog spot looking for some latest news that's happening around us. And yes, sometimes what's going on outside there tu, I just do one click and I do know too :) 

And most of the time when I feel free, I will read nice and informative entries in the blog spot and believe me or not, it keeps dragging me to keep on reading for one after another. PREOCCUPIED. But, it's worth it as if you gain knowledge. I read the newspaper as well but to get in touch with the blog spot give me more satisfaction and understanding.
 E.g : Flood Disaster in Thai. I read about it in newspaper but only the statements with 1 and 2 pics posted (d/t space constraint I guess). But,in blog spot, you can expect more than that.

That headline make me to think of someone. You're what you read. Yes it is, PROVIDED you also need to ensure that it's a correct source for you to believe in. Don't take it blindly. And another thing is that, you guys know better I assume, living in a world of no boundaries ni, pandai-pandailah korang cari maklumat yang beneficial to you guys sebab internet kalau hitung2 balik ni banyak jugak benda buruk yang kita senang nak access. Is it a propaganda? Heheh. 

P/S : Kadang-kadang terfikir jugak macam mana nak diff. benda yang kita baca itu fakta atau auta. Ini Politics punya case-lah. For me kita bace je lah, then we interpet it ourselves. I'm not so into political matters. Politic is OK but they way politicians bring the issue tu I would honestly say, it's suck la. Pinpoint keburukan orang and nak2 Melayu sama Melayu. Haih. THIS IS NOTHING RATHER THAN JUST MY 2 CENTS. 

source of pics : FLICKR.

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